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[devel-new2 0fba81e] multiple aspect signals show strange aspects

Started by Ves, September 16, 2016, 11:10:57 PM

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Look at the swedish servergame on the line between "Falun Station" and "Dingtuna North Station" which features three aspect track circuit block signals.

What happens is this:

* A train traveling the line reserve a number of signals ahead.
* All signals in the reservation shows CLEAR (green and white), including the last signal before the next red light, which should display CAUTION (two greens)
* When a train approaches a signal, the state of that signal will change state to CAUTION!

In order to see the states of the signals better, especially the ones from behind, dim down the daylight in the game.


I have fixed the dat files for those signals. They were acting correctly according to the signal info, but the reference to pictures was wrong.


Shall I move this to the pakset board? I have only just realised that I had missed this: my apologies.
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Oh, how embarrassing! :) I will have to check when I get the possibility! Thank you for spotting it Vladki! Unfortunately I have quite a stressy period so simutrans time is quite limited at the moment.