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Started by Asdfe, October 06, 2016, 11:00:44 PM

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I have little modding experience, but when I saw a new post on this subforum after not logging in in months, I was intrigued. I took a look at the zip file, and thought that it was a shame that it wasn't a full blown pak. So, I took pak64 and the existing graphics from this project to create what I call pak64.USAunoffical!

This pak has a huge amount of trains from American history and includes new industries and buildings. Here are some screenshots:

The 2-10-4 Texas pulling a passenger line.

New locomotives.

New industries. Can't have a USA pak without convenience food and outlet malls!

Two zip files are attached. One is a full-blown pak, and the other is a pak64 addon with just the new trains.

The credit I can take for this is minimal, as the real credit goes to the following who were originally involved:


And a host of others I am surely forgetting.

After I cobbled all these files into a pak, I debated releasing it, but in the end I did. If this doesn't gain traction again, it will still be an amazing addon, and if it does, even better. If anyone is interested in contributing, by all means do! All contributions are welcome.

State of the pak

Trains- 90% done, but smoke is needed. This is highest priority.
Other- 0% done, but the default ones are reasonably American. Some semis would be nice.

Ways: 20% done. Plenty of roads, but tracks and airports are still default. I'd consider this low priority.

Buildings: 30% done. Decent number of buildings, but more will be needed before ditching the pak64 ones. Maybe there is a TTD grf that can be converted? Might be a grf for American trucks too. Medium priority.

Terrain: 10% done. I put two terrain files in the folder labeled extra. All the trees and such are default, as is the water. Medium priority.

Additionally, there's other little things that need done but shouldn't be too hard (ie change the load screen to say pak64.USA).

I will look into modding a bit and see what I can do. All contributions are welcome, no matter what area!

Latest: Version 1

Full pak:Original version

Edit: The addon requires the food addon to work. Additionally, industries are mostly done but as with everything more are welcome.
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hi is it possible to add American Airlines companies liveries like pan am,  American,  Delta,  United, Northwest?  Thank You :)


Yeah, it's possible, although I can't make promises.

Right now I'm messing with trees, terrain, and smoke. Planes are a bit low on the list, but if someone contributed the graphics I would include them.

Things are coming along nicely. I plan to put up a new version within a week that should finish up the addon (with smoke! ;D)and make the terrain much more distinct and American. Perhaps when I do I will post a separate thread in the pak64 addon forum for that part of this project.

Edit: New version up! See first post.

Added pakttd smoke and replaced the pak64 trees with pakttd ones, and changed out some terrain. I also messed with vehicles a bit, fixing the smoke, wood burning Consolidation, rebalancing some overpowered steam engines, and fixed a display glitch with diagonals (because of the nature of the diagonal fix, I won't make any more addons out of this). Lastly, I added a placeholder logo.

The wood burning 2-8-0 Consolidation in the new version.

As for what's next, I'm not sure. I was going to try converting some grfs, but I can't seem to get the grf2dat.exe to work, which is a significant setback. I'll do some stuff with buildings for now instead.
How do you know what you would know if only you knew what you don't know now?


The grf2dat only works with the OpenTTD default grfs and needs a dat file with the offsets in the image. You need to grfcodec in an old enough version to decompress the grf file in questions, so you get the pcx and nfo. Then you can convert them to a png using grf2dat, giving the start and enf numbers (the coordinates will be taken from the nfo).

The grf-format is now so advanced, that this does not work anymore. BUT, they use mostly a new xml tool, where is would be very easy to get the images out.

Old nfo format was

// (Info version 7)
2733 sprites/ogfx1_base.pcx 626 10856 01 21 8 -3 -11
2734 sprites/ogfx1_base.pcx 642 10856 01 16 20 -14 -9
2735 sprites/ogfx1_base.pcx 674 10856 01 12 29 -16 -8
2736 sprites/ogfx1_base.pcx 722 10856 01 16 20 -6 -9
2737 sprites/ogfx1_base.pcx 754 10856 01 20 8 -3 -10
2738 sprites/ogfx1_base.pcx 770 10856 01 14 20 -14 -7
2739 sprites/ogfx1_base.pcx 2 10936 01 11 29 -16 -7
2740 sprites/ogfx1_base.pcx 50 10936 01 14 20 -6 -7

New nfo format is now

// (Info version 32)
  135 sprites/iron-horse00.png  8bpp  578   40    8   21   -3  -16 normal
  136 sprites/iron-horse00.png  8bpp  594   40   17   15   -8   -9 normal
  137 sprites/iron-horse00.png  8bpp  626   40   24   12   -4   -8 normal
  138 sprites/iron-horse00.png  8bpp  658   40   18   16   -1   -7 normal
  139 sprites/iron-horse00.png  8bpp  690   40    8   19   -3   -6 normal
  140 sprites/iron-horse00.png  8bpp  706   40   18   16  -16   -7 normal
  141 sprites/iron-horse00.png  8bpp  738   40   24   12  -16   -8 normal

Since there is anyway the code for reading/writing pngs, it would be easy to add support for the new ong grfs. BUt OpenTTD uses also a different sun settings, so better mirror the vehicles at least.


Thanks! As for mirroring, I've nearly got all the buildings in pak64 mirrored to the TTD shading, so I figure that I might as well use that. It will help make pakUSA more distinct. After finishing up that, I'll tweak the balance on the trains some and start on other vehicles.
How do you know what you would know if only you knew what you don't know now?


You will also need to mirror all landscape shadow textures then. Or rather create them in the correct OpenTTD direct from the start ...


That is true. I'll see if I can find the source for the terrain used in the latest version. If not, I might look at the sources on pakttd.

Edit: Actually, the terrain is already flipped to TTD style shading. I've finished up reflecting the buildings, stations, depots and such. The trains, of course, were already TTD shaded, leaving only the ships, trucks, planes, and trams on the default shading. These I intend to eventually replace.
How do you know what you would know if only you knew what you don't know now?