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Scenario settings

Started by Tjoeker, October 08, 2016, 09:39:15 AM

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    I'm not very active at the moment (due to school projects), but I figured I'd show I'm still planning on creating scenario's for the community.

    Here are some ideas I'd like to see implemented to use for my scenario's:

    • Spawn a factory with a specified position, name and production rate at a certain time
    • Spawn or upgrade roads, railroads and other infrastructure at a certain time
    • Spawn city buildings
    • Set the starting year and month
      because I'd like to tweak the map before I save it for the scenario. Yet I want it to start at a specified time.
    • Set the starting capital
      because I might have to change the capital to alter the difficulty.
    • Modify the Scenario info window to show/hide some tabs or create your own custom tabs

    I'm not sure if some of these ideas are already implemented.
    If there are, could someone show me how to code these? :)