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Voxel based drawing tool for 64 size

Started by prissi, February 17, 2014, 02:23:50 PM

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prissi has a javscript based drawing tool for handdrawn trains using voxels. it works amazingly well.

More is here:

Somebody just has to hack it for shorter diagonals ...

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Wow, that's awesome.

Looks like you can only do box-like things, though - I tried to modify one of the examples into a truck with a hood and windshield away from the front, and I don't think it caught what I was trying to do. hehe. Or maybe I did it wrong.

Either way, that's awesome.


I'm playing with it and it is amazing. Thank you for sharing!
Even with worst case, diagonals can be edited manually...

it took me 2minutes...