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Low Cost of goods
« on: October 12, 2016, 02:50:21 PM »
Hi guys,

I have a question, maybe strange, but never mind. I managed to download simutrans after long time and I noticed several changes. Im playing pak 128 120.1.3 - r7753 and I have an issue to be in "black numbers". I started at 1930, budget 1 milion, I have built two "buisnesses" that earns me money, but! My totay yearly income is somwhere aroung 700 000, but Im in debt like -1 650 000... in year 1935... does that mean, that I have to wait almost 3 years to be in black numbers? Im not a beginer, I know how to play this game, but hey, one train costs almost 250 000 and earns me like 75 000 per year? I find it too low, can I somwhere set the prices higher or costs of the trains lower?

Thank you all!!!

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Re: Low Cost of goods
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Hey Fotobary,

to get an higher income, you could change the beginner's price factor. You can find this in the settings window if you're creating a new game under the economics tab.
This multiplies the income you should get (1000 = 100% of normal income).
Or you could start playing on smaller maps, as you can more easily connect every town (and thus get more passengers as you cover every destination). (Don't go to small though)
Another thing you could do is start playing in pak64 (which is easier) and afterwards move on to pak128.

The reason the income you get from transporting goods is so low is because many find their selves drowning in money after 10-20 years.
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