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Can't see images hosted outside if not registered

Started by gauthier, November 09, 2016, 09:28:16 PM

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On this thread (I assume it's the same everywhere on the forum), unless registered and logged in one cannot see the pictures in the post, although these pictures are hosted outside of the forum. Is that intended ?

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Definitely not intended. I'll look into it right now and edit this post hopefully shortly :)

edit: I can see the images in the first post, if that's what's meant - both in Chrome while not logged in, as well as Firefox, also not logged in.

Can others reply with being able to see them or not, and browser/OS perhaps? Note: You have to be logged out to check this - not logged in....


I can see them as a guest in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Edge.


Seems to work right now. I was also suspecting problems with SNFOS (where the pictures are hosted) but it was right. If it happens again or if I have more information about this I will come back to you.

Isaac Eiland-Hall