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A frankly ridiculous citylist

Started by Llandudno, November 15, 2016, 11:30:14 PM

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Attached is a citylist which contains the name of every settlement of any size in the United Kingdom - all 45,000 + of them.

Cities with English and foreign names appear twice - once in English and again in the country's mother tongue.

I have filtered out placenames which reference rivers, reservoirs and canals - these are not real places.

My list is based off this, and took about two days to compile and edit.

As it is too large to be hosted here (536kb), it is on my Google Drive - available here.
Feel free to add this to the official pakset or use for other maps :)


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so cute.

And useful for very, very, very big maps.


Really nice work.

One way to expand this idea would be to use administrative data to add names. For instance, you could use ONS's lists of names and codes for Parishes or Wards to see if there are any extra ones to add. Using Excel you can find out if there any duplicates with what you already have.


I left the duplicates in to create a more accurate list. 57(?) Newtons appear as there is 57 Newtons across the UK. Besides, with a limit of 999 countries and about 45,800 settlements, there is a one in 2.7x10^189000 (stupidly small) chance of the same name appearing twice.