Author Topic: Decided to play around with the landscape settings, but now i can't reset them  (Read 840 times)

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I was busy with fiddling around with the (landscape) settings a bit, but now i kinda... Broke it. Forest spacing makes no sense, climates are mixed up together, etc. Also, previously, all of my stops had their own names (Such as "*city name* Market stop", *city name* Town Hall stop, etc.) but now they're all numbered ("*city name* stop 1, *city name* outer stop 4, etc.) which is really annoying. So i decided to fully reinstall Simutrans, but it simply loads my previous settings back up again. I deleted the default.sve and temp-save.sve files, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

Edit: Fixed it. I had to remove my user/documents/simutrans folder, not the folder where the game is installed and my game is now reset.

I'll just leave this up for future reference if anyone ever stumbles on the same problem.

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Just remove default.sve from your documents/simutrans folder.  Or you can even click reset under the detailed settings. If you remove the entire folder all your savegames and addons will be lost.