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I have set up my server to produce nightly builds of the latest development version of Simutrans-Extended. They can be found here:

Nightly builds

At the time of writing, only the Linux and pakset builds are working. The Linux builds are 64-bit only (does anyone use 32-bit Linux these days?). I am hoping to add Windows builds in due course.

Cross-compiled Windows builds, along with Linux (x64) builds (both a graphical client and a command line server), are available. These are currently only executables, so it is necessary for the time being to combine executable, configuration files and pakset manually.

Currently, the nightly builds are made from the devel-new-2 branch for the code and the half-heights branch for the pakset (both Pak128.Britain-Ex and Pak128.Sweden-Ex).

Edit 1: Pak128.Britain-Ex and Pak128.Sweden-Ex are now also available.

Edit 2: Simutrans-Extended and Pak128.Britain-Ex are now both built from their respective master branches on Github.

Edit 3: If you would like to know what has changed since you last downloaded a version, see here for a list of the commented Github commits (which will show all the changes to the code and contain a short description for what each does) for Simutrans-Extended, here for Pak128.Britain-Ex, and here for Pak128.Sweden-Ex.

Wow this is great news! Congratulations!  :thumbsup:
When you get the windows builds up and running, I can stop uploading the devel-new builds to the I guess?
One question though, how do you tell the difference between the versions (also applies to the paksets)?

I have yet to implement a versioning system, but my provisional view is that the easiest thing to do is to incorporate the date into the revision number, which should be able to be done automatically.

Moe Ron:
With a lack of automatically compiled nightly executables for Windows, how can we blind laymen either find a source of previous executables, or compile our own?

There are some compiled manually from time to time on the link given in this thread.


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