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Swiss mountains - translation

Started by ny911, March 06, 2013, 03:55:52 PM

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I will start here with the swiss scenario to ask for translations. In the moment there is only : en, de

Scenario file: (Version 0.2, 1.87MB)

Maybe there are users which can have a view to the French and Italian names (cities, rivers) in the map to tell me all the mistakes I did.



A note to all possible translators: There is a slight nuisance when translating scenario texts when compared to standard texts: The scenario scripts do variable substitution. Anything between {curly} brackets must not be translated. The {curly} stuff is replaced by some script variable.

Small example: Consider the text:
Your company has transported {number} passengers.
The output in-game will be: 'Your company has transported 2398 passengers.'  Thus any translation of this string should not modify the {variable}. That said, a possible Latin translation of the string could be Lorem ipsum {number} dolor sit amet.
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