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Author Topic: Filtering for the reliefmap  (Read 1684 times)

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Filtering for the reliefmap
« on: December 02, 2016, 11:22:45 AM »
Hey there,
I do pretty much like the reliefmap. However, there are some features that are a way confusing or hard to see because of the way how some differences are displayed.
For example, if you enable the speed limit highlighting, you see pretty well if there's a slow raill, let's say 120km/h for example, or a high speed rail, let's say more than 200 km/h
However, it's pretty hard to see if there is a 200 km/h, 230 km/h, 250 km/h or 280 km/h track. 250 km/h and 280 km/h do have the same color anyways and the difference between the 200 km/h and 280 km/h rails can't be seen on my, in fact not really new nor good, 2nd display.
The same goes for 50-90 km/h roads. These do just have the same coloring.
I don't know if these examples are pak dependent but that's what I see in my modified version of pak128, without these modifications, pak128 does not have 230/250 km/h but instead 240 km/h.

Some other features do also use these colors to highlight something for example the traffic highlighting.

When I notices that this is not pretty optimal, I thought about how we could solve this. I have 2 different approaches:
Create a filter for way types and tracks, so you can say "just show me all roads that are of type road_50" the exact names of these roads would be pak dependent I think so that would have to be loaded by the game at game start and shouldn't be hard coded.

Maybe that filter could even look like for example the vehicle list filter, so you setup the filter by applying different filters of different filtering categories like the owner, the waytpe, the  way object, catenaries on that way and maybe some other filters.

The other idea I had is "setting up" the color bar.
So you could say highlight me the speedlimit, as it is currently and you have a min/max field, so you can say something like "highlight me the max speed of all the tracks, by coloring all the tracks which speed limit is below the "min" in black, coloring all the tracks which speed limit is ahead the "max" in white, and using the whole color bar for min <= speedLimit <= max.

That way we could easily check if we did upgrade all the rails we wanted to upgrade from for example 230 to 250 km/h

Also, there are already some filters existing (company, cargo type, way type). As far as I have seen, these do only work when the transport network checkbox is checked.
Anyways, these do also make sense without displaying the transport network. For example all except the cargo type filter do make sense for way related highlightings (the nearly white buttons)
for station related highlightings, all these filters make sense.

Also the passenger,/mail/cargo highlighting is a bit confusing. Cobined with the transport network checkbox, these do automatically apply a filter. Otherwise they don't Maybe we should remove that filtering from these highlightings so the player can use the station coverage highlighting without filtering the lines because these are basically 2 different things.

If you do have different thoughts of how we could change the relief map so these problems can be solved, for sure just tell us.

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Re: Filtering for the reliefmap
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2016, 12:40:19 AM »
This is an interesting idea; the trouble may well be shortage of coding time. I'd be happy to incorporate something like this into Experimental if someone were to code it, so long as it worked properly.