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Simutrans PPM Heightmap interpretation
« on: December 10, 2016, 04:10:06 PM »
A few years ago made a PPM heightmap (of the scottish highlands) I wanted to play, never got around to it. Tried to give it a go today, have run into a snag:

When loading the PPM (under pak-gb 0.17) , hoping for some epic mountain terrain, I set the mountain height to 320 and sea level to -5 in the "climate settings".  Unfortunately, this yielded a map where the top of ben nevis is on contour +7  ???

I know from past random map generation you can have sea level as low as e.g. -10 and mountaintops as high as +32. With half-heights now in play, that would give a beautifully contoured detailed map to play on. (it's ~2400x2800)

Unfortunately it seems PPM files follow the sea level variable, but ignore the "mountain height variable" - unless I'm missing something?

How do I make a map from a PPM file "stretch" itself in the vertical so the mountains get taller?

I also notice that not a single half-height slope was created when the game interpreted the PPM - is there a way to make that happen - gentler contour creation?