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Translating the Simutrans Reference Material

Started by Ormac, March 05, 2009, 11:49:06 PM

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Simutrans Reference Material Files for Translation

I have placed several of my original (i.e. editable) files on the server.

They are all *.odt files and you should be able to read and edit them in any word processor that supports the *.odt file format.

Starter Guide

Starter Guide 3.02 (25.6 MB) [Simutrans 99.17.1]
Starter Guide 3.03 (23.1 MB) [Simutrans 101.0]

Reference Manual

Reference Manual 3.05 (26.1 MB) [Simutrans 100.0]
Reference Manual 3.06 (26.1 MB) [Simutrans 101.0]
Reference Manual 3.07 (25.9 MB) [Simutrans 101.0]

I'd recommend translating the latest available document but if you want to translate one of the others then the option is there.

Ormac 8)
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