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Can TileCutter handle alpha transparency?

Started by jamespetts, January 03, 2017, 12:29:05 PM

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Has anyone tried this? The new transparency system in the code enables much more refined graphics than was possible before, and it would be very useful to be able to create multi-tile buildings using these effects, but this will only be possible if TileCutter can support alpha transparency.
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Technically, you don't need tilecutter, since you can always do it "by hand" or even via recording in advanced image editing tools.

As for your question, no, Tilecutter replaces all transparencies with the background-light-blue. This seems to happen upon loading the image, so probably all actions expect images without alpha channel.

If anyone was to fix this and/or recreate Tilecutter, I suggest adding all seasons as well.


As this got digged out, is tilecutter still not able of alpha?
If it is only about cutting images into tiles, this could be automated using gimp and its scripting engine.


There is a pinned thread on the tools board:,18394.0.html

An_dz took over the project, and it can deal with transparency and seasons now.


It seems I can't use the thanks function anymore :/

So thanks!