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rotation for bridges is still broken

Started by Vladki, March 30, 2020, 08:41:41 PM

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I found that the rotation for bridges is still broken - pillars and wayobjects (electrification) are broken.

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Prissi, please, could you have a look at this? It is related to r8946 and r8947.

Sorry about the continued discussion in the smoke thread. I did not notice that the topic was split. I thought my messages disappeared due to recent forum outages.


Should be fixed in r9012. But there might be more objects, that only fix yoff but not xoff at the same time.


Thank you, bridges now work well.

Anyway wouldn't it be then easier (safer) to revert the rotation code and make a special case only for smokes?


No, those objects were broken. And any pedestrian or any vehicle with (bz chance) and xßoffset of yero would be also end up somewhere other than intended.