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Allow elevated ways across / above other player stations and bridges?

Started by AP, February 25, 2017, 10:55:29 AM

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Playing the lynx server, I have realised that in pak128 it is not possible to build elevated ways across other players stations, but it is possible to build bridges over them. This means you can cross them orthogonally, but not diagonally (i.e. at 90 degrees but not at 45 degrees). Which is a bit of a pain and doesn't seem logical?

Also, very similar, it is possible to build bridges across another player's bridges at a higher level, but not elevated ways. So bridges can cross each other at 90 degrees, but not at 45 degrees.


This is likely a problem in the code, not in pak128. Please report this in the bug reports subforum.


This is part of an ongoing consistency problem with elevated ways. It is just like how you can place 2+ high structures under elevated ways but elevated ways cannot be built on 2 high structures. Especially annoying as cities will upgrade buildings to be 2 high under elevated ways.

I plan to look into fixing this eventually as it has been known about for a long time.