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Switching to the Master branch and integrating the road-vehicle-rescaling branch

Started by jamespetts, March 04, 2017, 06:10:24 PM

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I have now completed re-scaling the road passenger vehicles, and have merged the road-vehicle-rescaling branch into the master branch. The version of the pakset available on the Bridgewater-Brunel server here comes now from the master branch, not the half-heights branch.

The following types of vehicles have been re-scaled (and had some other improvements to their graphics):

* buses and coaches;
* trolleybuses
* horse drawn vehicles (both goods and passenger);
* horses; and
* steam powered vehicles (which are all goods vehicles).

The following types of vehicles have yet to be re-scaled, but I will have to leave this for another time, as there is insufficient time to do this and all of the things that need doing now:

* internal combustion goods vehicles; and
* private cars (citycars).

In addition to re-scaling the road vehicles, I have added multiple liveries in many cases (although some livery sets of those done more recently are incomplete owing to the need to finish this quickly to move onto other projects, such as bug-fixing), and have added quite a number of additional vehicles, although there could do with being a lot more 'buses, coaches and trolleybuses, but, again, that will have to wait until another time.

Here is a pictorial overview of the additional vehicles:

Horse drawn passenger vehicles



Steam powered goods vehicles






Internal combustion 'buses and coaches


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