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[rr8121 20.2.1] FATAL ERROR: vector_tpl<T>::[] - 7koord3d: index out of bounds

Started by benni33, April 05, 2017, 04:59:57 PM

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Hi everybody,
first bug report so be nice please :)

I had the bug already twice in this game. Now it is reproduceable.
Bug is similar to :

FATAL ERROR: vector_tpl<T>::[] - 7koord3d: index out of bounds: 5 not in 0..14


You might be able to reproduce the error with the attached saved game.
1) Go to (137,153) and open the train depot.
2) Build a train with the bought train stuff (2 diesels lokos + 4 wagon) <- you have to choose all the wagons!
3) Choose an abitrary destination e.g. from the route list and press go!
4) Crash

You can take one wagon less and it will crash
You can take a mixture from new bought loks and some of the wagon and it will _not_ crash
You can just run the diesel loks and it will _not_ crash

You can resolve the issue by selling them and buying new ones (with the same configuration).



This sounds somewhat similar to the bug I think 120.2.2 was released to fix. Could you test that version?


Cannot reproduce this with a current version. I suppose this is fixed already. Thanks for showing up and reporting this!
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