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Thank you for obsolescence

Started by Matthew, March 12, 2017, 12:32:07 PM

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I only play Simutrans in a few bursts each year (I need to get some work done!), but I enjoyed a good few hours of Simutrans-Experimental this week. I would like to thank James (and anyone else who worked on it) for the obsolescence feature (where maintenance increases if obselete trains are not replaced), which gave me a good reason to upgrade my trains and so made role-playing a railway that much better. The coding may have been done several years ago, but the enjoyment it gives is far from obselete!

Thank you again,

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Excellent! I am glad that you find this worthwhile.
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I would like to add a range limit as nice underapreciated feature that adds a lot to the gameplay.  :thumbsup: