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Underpowered fishing boats?

Started by Ters, March 12, 2017, 04:45:14 PM

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I just tried building a fishing boat in 1917 and stumbled on what I think is a bug introduced with the r1396. The boat sails out to the fish swarm just fine, but when loaded up and heading back, it hardly moves at all. Eventually, it reaches a top speed of 2 km/h. This can hardly be intentional, but I'm not sure which parameter needs tweaking.


Well, all my two boats moved fine. (at least the sloop does.)



It sailed fine. Mybe you have an older addon version?


Hmm. How can I actually see which version of the pak set I am running? It is supposed to be r1872, with makeobj r8133. Observed with Simutrans r8133 and r8169. But I had older revisions of both the pak set and the game when I reported this.

I've looked over the files for the fishing sloop (Fishing-Sloop, factory_food/vehicles.dat line 113 through 138). The values in the pak file I'm running matches the contents of factory_food/vehicles.dat, and the SVN log for factory_food/vehicles.dat does not show any changes since 2013. My program for looking at pak files also report the same maximum speed as I observe in Simutrans.


On the splash screen as it's loading the pak, the rev is displayed, but on a fast computer with a small pak like pak64, it might only show for 200ms!.
Or look in ground.Outside.pak, the text string is embedded there. Of course any addons, or self modifications don't change the displayed revision.