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Author Topic: Smoke and fog addon for pak128japan (it needs simutrans 120.2~)  (Read 6012 times)

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I made some addon which has transparency.
This is smoke which has transparency.
I introduced in SIGC. The important thing is not only that transparency but also emitting itself in two stage.

Look this movie.

I didn't produce it in SIGC becaus it is difficult to understand by image, not movie.
This motion makes smoke more active.

This is same smoke which has a lot of holes instead of transparency which was made last year.
If your simutrans is before 120.1, try this.

Download link

I'm interested in making addon with transparency, so I made fog as elevated monorail-track.

This is fog as accessorie of city, so we can put this as you like, but it is has nothing to do with the game.

They are public domain. You can use it freely.

I make new page for 120.2 in my website. You can get newest version of these addon for 120.2.
If you are interested in them, visit my website. Thank you.

P.S. There is something wrong in picture uploader. If you can't see image, please visit again later.
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Re: Smoke and fog addon for pak128japan (it needs simutrans 120.2~)
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That's a great addon. Thanks man!
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