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Unified Growth Model
« on: March 17, 2009, 04:18:27 AM »
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________________________________________________________________ __________________________________   
        passenger/mail    > city growth
   industry             > city growth  + Sustain existing pop.
                                  city growth >industry chain growth
   ___rule 1___
   Each whole [QQ] population block in all cities more than [SS] population
        needs to consume [XX]$ worth of product each month to sustain it self.
        If failed, [YY] nominal negative population count will applied to that city
        on next month. Actual city population count does not change.
        City must fill up all accumulated nominal negative population count to actual
         positive growth to occur. Each two month, total nominal population is reduced
        by [GG]%.

        [back bone rule 1]
   City exceeding [SS] population count build automatically a consumer store.

   [back bone rule 2]
   Total map wise facotry product output worth($) of current month is
             (y)(XX)(total # of whole [QQ] pop. bloc)

        where (total # of whole [QQ] pop. bloc) is from last (n) months data.

        ___rule 2___
        surplus amount of product consumed is added to city growth
 ________________________________________________________________ ______________________________

        QQ , SS , XX , YY , GG , y & n may vary(simuconfig value if possible)
        n should depend on the size of map
        y higher it is, easier to sustain
________________________________________________________________ __________________________________

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