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Cannot load older saves

Started by Vladki, March 20, 2017, 12:07:06 AM

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Hi, I cannot load older saves with latest simutrans and pak128.sweden

loading savegame "autosave-pak128.Sweden-Ex.sve"
Midi disabled ...
Calculating textures ...done
Warning: karte_t::load: disconnecting all clients
Warning: nwc_routesearch_t::reset:      all static variables are reset
Message: karte_t::load():       Prepare for loading
World destroyed.
Warning: karte_t::load: Fileversion: 120003
Message: nwc_auth_player_t::init_player_lock_server:    new = 32767
Segmentation fault (core dumped)


I noted too, and I am investigating, or rather, trying to get Github to coorperate..


Try the newest version. Appears to be that i had changed some capital letters to small letters, making it difficult to find for the game.
There are some signals which the savegames cannot find, but I dont have time to fix that now.

Now the should be more up to date!


Now I cannot compile:

   reading file ./Factory Test_Brick_factory_1.dat
   writing file ./factory.Se_Test_brick_1.pak
      packing factory.Se_Test_brick_1
ERROR: obj_node_t:      invalid parameters (offset=41, size=1, obj_size=41)

Ah, it was a bug in makeobj. Now it compiles well.


Hmmm, I didnt touch those objects..
James wrote somewhere recently that there where some issues with makeobj. Reading the change of the latest commit, you see that it is the factory_writer he changed. That object which dont compile relies heavily on image offsetting, that might have something to do with it..?
Would you mind try an older makeobj if you have one?

Well splendid! And thanks for checking!


Makeobj should be part of the nightly builds, I think.


Makeobj is part of the nightly builds - unfortunately, the Windows version is currently failing to compile for reasons that I have not been able to establish yet.
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