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Started by ampersand, April 06, 2017, 05:08:57 PM

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Looking into the English language file, I began comparing it with (within the .pak folder) and notice some rows are missing or shifted up/down. It starts with city__builings part and goes down. To see what I mean please compare COM_AVL_19xx and below.
It is not a visible mistake, but I suppose it would be nice to have a correct description of a "Beauty studio" than a harware store. It is quite time consuming to correct it by hand so if anyone has got any translation table in a spreadsheet or whatever and could correct it by putting in or shifting correct rows, I would appreciate it.


for which the SimuTranslator exists

I do not know how up-to-date and completely there the set is set.


It is great the translator works. Is there any way to move groups of entries at once? If not, then it is like starting the translation from the beginning.


I do not understand what they mean.

The export is sorted in the same order in all languages. ( by object name )

The tab files contained in the set are old exports that were changed by hand, instead of doing the translator. from Set
QuoteDate Created: 26.04 2014 from Set
QuoteDate Created: 15.01 2012


I will just confirm the same errors exist in the translator. Example:

Eine Bauschlosserei. Hier entstehen vom schlichten Treppengeländer bis zum reich verzierten Gartentor die verschiedensten Metallkunstwerke.   
In the surgical supplies Store Health & Care" can you receive medical and orthopedic aids for your wellness and rehabilitation."
COM_AVL_1905_B_14   Im Sanitätshaus Health & Care erhalten Sie medizinische und orthopädische Hilfsmittel für ihre Gesundheit, Wellness und Rehabilitation.   The jeweller and jewellery shop Golden Glanz" leads the noblest and finest jewels in the entire region."

Das Juwelier und Schmuckgeschäft Golden Glanz" führt die edelsten und feinsten Geschmeide in der gesamten Region."   Painting store - The master company Pinselschwung mbH, is known for its cheap and clean interior and facade coatings.
This goes quite deep down - but within buildings part only. I'll start correcting the English part, as I assume the German one is correct



There were just about 15 entries mixed up. I enclosed corrected according to German descriptions. Don't know how to implement it to the simutranslator at once.

By the way - is this really meant to be a parking building? May be that is why someone changed it in the English translation.


Thank you very much for helping. I had replaced (after comparing it with my work....) our with yours in the repository.

QuoteBy the way - is this really meant to be a parking building?

aehhhh.... NO. That was my fail... Ups.