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[Solved] drive_on_left setting is ignored [r78754cd pack128.Britain]

Started by Sarrus, April 08, 2017, 10:13:30 AM

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It seems that setting drive_on_left is ignored for current version. I have set in to 0 and my vehicles drive on the left hand side of road.

I have the same issue with signal_on_left setting


Signals / signs move to the left side only when they are redrawn - either due to change of state (signals), or by moving or rotating the map. Try rotating the map and see


This doesn't make sense to me, but I loaded a game, put some track and new signal and then rotated a map. I must say that this spell doesn't not work :P . It's still on the left.

It's a fresh installation of simutrans (windows) and with default values. The only thing I changed is single_user_install to 1.


Ok, where do you set this?

The setting is saved with the game, so either you have to change it in settings dialogue during the game (press i), and then rotate, or you have to edit and start a completely new game.


It worked! Thank you. This option dialog is something new to me.

I checked settings in:
and I checked also in

I can't remember what value was default for pakset