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Can't save!

Started by Mr.Spissky, April 25, 2017, 07:28:50 PM

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I can't load or save games in Simutrans Extended, help! :-[


May be of use if you explained what exactly happens and why you cannot save?


I start a new game. But when I press "save" in the game the game just crashes. Same when I press "Load game".


It might be due to a change in the

Open located here:

There you will probably find almost at the top:
#singleuser_install = 0

change that exact line to the following:
singleuser_install = 1
(removed the # and replaced the 0 with 1)

see if that helps :)


I am afraid that I cannot reproduce this. Can you give me more details of your system, what version that you are using and what, if any, message that you are getting with the crash?
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