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Fish not loading

Started by Dutchman on Rails, May 08, 2017, 04:59:39 AM

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Dutchman on Rails

Hi James,

The fish is definitely a bug. You can reopen the thread as only partially solved. It's easy enough to reproduce.

The passengers is probably a feature, a result of the comfort levels.

For the moment I'm laying Simutrans-Ex aside again for a moment to work on my long-standing games on Standard. Extended is still waiting in the wings to maybe one day replace the standard Pak128.Britain games.

Kind Regards, DoR


I have split this from the other topic as this contains a distinct bug report, which should always be in its own thread so that I can easily keep a track of which bugs are outstanding. I will look into the fish loading issue when I get a chance. As to passengers, comfort level has no effect on passenger generation or routing, but overall journey time does affect whether passengers will travel.
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