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Offline Jando

Hello James and others!

I see a train operating under one train staff switching to absolute block signalling method after correctly reverting at a station. This station is the 2nd station on a single line dead end track and has no signalling or other signs.

Here is a saved game where I can observe that behaviour:
Here is a screenshot of what you see when you load the above game:

You see train #6 operating under one train staff pulling into station Beltwell Power Station South to offload some cargo before continuing to the next and final station Beltwell Power Station East. From there the train will return to the colliery to wait for new cargo. This single dead end track splits up from a single track mainline (marked in red on screenshot because another train, train #1, is just travelling west on that mainline. The dead end track has one token block signal to guard the re-entry of trains into the mainline (that is operated by token block) and a one train staff cabinet. So far all is well.

What happens next is that train #6 will pull into the station, unload cargo and then continue to Beltwell Power Station East where the train will unload the rest of it's cargo and reverse for the journey back. After reversing train #6 however will switch into absolute block signalling method. That leads to all sorts of funny things, because the train will travel under absolute block to the one train staff cabinet where it's supposed to drop it's staff but will instead pick-up a staff now. At the token block signal it will briefly switch to token block again before switching to one train staff again on the token block mainline.

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I think that I have managed to fix this. Would you be able to re-test? I should be grateful.
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Offline Jando

Thanks James, you are fast! Will test tomorrow after the nightly build. In the meantime I will earn more money with my growing fleet of coal trains. :)

Offline Jando

Thank you, James. No further problem found with one train staff on my network.