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How to use this vehicle

Started by ampersand, May 15, 2017, 08:51:25 PM

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In 1994 there is a passanger car Doppelstock_Steuerwagen_rot_Kopf introduced. It composes automatically with other modules of the train, however such a convoi has power of 0kW and I can't connect it with any engine. Is it possible to roll it out of the depot?


You need a locomotive behind the waggons. When starting a convoy by Doppelstock_Steuerwagen_rot_Kopf you have to put the loco behind the cars so that the loco pushes the convoy.


Not really. My experience:

  • press in the depot Doppelstock_Steuerwagen_rot_Kopf -  you will get a set of three cars of type Doppelstock_Steuerwagen_rot: head, middle, tail
  • you can't add any loco to such multiple unit - neither from front nor from behind. Can you?
Yes, I can push a single ~Kopf car and I can pull a single ~Ende car. But isn't this set meant to run as a complete multiple unit of three cars? That's how it appears automatically composed when head car is chosen.


The game car looks very much like one of these:
I12 466 Bf Wittenberg, DABbuzfa 778 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], von Falk2 (Eigenes Werk), vom Wikimedia Commons
J24 340 Bf Angersdorf. DABpbzfa 762.0 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], von Falk2 (Eigenes Werk), vom Wikimedia Commons
Gießen Regionalexpress Bahnhof01 2010-02-27 [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( oder GFDL (], von KlausFoehl (Eigenes Werk), vom Wikimedia Commons

Do they really need another engine to push them?


Yes, they are driving trailers. Their only purpose is to allow reversing without having to work the engine around to the other end.


If the driving trailer is for reversing, then the engine is at front, isn't it?


Standard doesn't support reversing in the way Extended does. This one is merely eye candy. I understand here that there is an error in the coupling constraints.


Quote from: Rollmaterial on May 17, 2017, 08:23:53 PM
I understand here that there is an error in the coupling constraints.
That's my suspicion.


Similar wagons are used from DB here. I can only find images with normal wagons behind the loco. For example:

In this trains the loco also will not move to the other end of the train at the end stations - in one direction the loco push the wagons, in other pull the wagons.


So it seems that michelstadt is correct: train can consist of 

  • Engine + middle cars + tail car
  • head car + middle cars + engine
It is allowed by the game now.
However it looks that the train composed automatically by the game: head car + middle car + tail car doesn't exist in reality. Any ideas what engines appear in this film?

Quote from: pumuckl999 on May 17, 2017, 11:22:06 PM
Is it possible to tell which way it is going?


In the Berlin-video could be a DB BR 112/114. See

If the description of the image is right, the loco in this moment is the front of the train. It just left Rostock main station on his route to Warnemünde (seaside resort at baltic sea).
Never measured the way ;), could be ~15km at railtrack and 10stations, ~20min at all.
Mostly I drive myself by bicycle.
But meanwhile the DB uses on this route often also railcars, Bombardier Talent 2 -> DB BR 442. The image is from 2010 and today the double-deck-wagons are rare on this track.