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Graphic artifacts

Started by ampersand, May 22, 2017, 05:27:48 PM

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A collection of various graphical collisions: A power bridge over a vertical railway line with 120km/h catenary, traffic barriers laid across an intersection (the Aero slides underneath) and a barrier intersection with city wall.

If they are not caused by pakset, please move to the relevant subforum.


Reason for first and second problem I did´nt know.

3) Walls/ fences are defined as (rail-)ways. Simutrans paints here the graphic of the street (it contains a short railway) over the graphic from the wall.
But solution is simple: Delete one field of the wall, before you build the street.


1) Stuff under bridges and elevated ways gets cut off. This is to avoid these things popping up in between bridge tiles. In most situations it's a very useful behaviour, but since power lines are so thin, you can clearly see what's underneath. --> not caused by pakset, but well known and discussed, for example here: (though the 'conclusion' there was to to solve the initial problem differently, but it makes pretty clear that clipping is intended.
It could be solved by removing power bridges and introducing crossings (if they don't exist already) - while this could only be used over straight ways, it would not cause the clipping issue.

2) The traffic barriers are probably a wayobj, yes? Wayobj don't necessarily follow the way they are on, they have their own ribis. So if there is an intersection on the way, but not all direction use the wayobj as well, the wayobj will display as a curve. In this case, one could consider changing that part of the curve to a backimage so vehicles could go over it, but you run into the same problems with every other wayobj, eg. noise protection walls, where it looks bad no matter what.
A change to that was wished before, as 'connectivity', here: - sadly overshadowed by the other request, but since we got something like a secondary wayobj already, perhaps this part could be revived?