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[Idea] New type of factory to create cities

Started by Yona-TYT, May 19, 2017, 10:43:47 PM

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Some time ago I mentioned something similar here:

Now my idea is to create a new type of factory, but that in fact is a city under construction and that this needs of several suppliers like:
Manufacture of steel.
Manufactures of ormigon or cement.
Industrial sawmills.
Among other.

It must also be necessary to transport the workers and perhaps provide electrical energy for the construction work can progress.

The final result will be the finished city. What do you think of this?


I would like more, if a well supplied builder's yard in the town would boost spawning new buildings, and well supplied markets would boost population. Also if coutryside industries like mines would have a tendency to spawn new towns in their neighborhood.

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The idea of having a factory object do this is somewhat counter-intuitive and hackish, I think. What you are really interested in, it seems to me, is the simulation of logistics for constructing buildings.

This is a somewhat complex subject, as it does not apply only to founding new towns, but equally to extending existing towns (it would be odd and arbitrary to require only new towns to be supplied with raw materials to get going, whereas existing towns, even if they expand into exactly the same space as a new town might occupy, do not require this).

A better way of providing for these logistics would be similar to what Vladki suggests, requiring a builder's yard within a certain radius of any new building to be constructed, but this is seriously problematic for the way in which industry currently works, making it quite random where builders yards will appear (and unlikely that they will appear in any given town).

Full on logistics simulation such as this is potentially interesting, but also very hard to balance so as to prevent deadlocks or arbitrary and unrealistic limitations.
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Hi - after a long absence.

Is it possible to change the game so that it allows a player to build  a "Builders Yard" in a new location. To get the effect mentioned above.

Or is it only generated randomly?


Builder yard has no special effect on city growth. Just the same as any other shop would have. They are indeed randomly generated. But if you play alone, you can switch to "public player" and build new industries (shops).

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