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From Johannisburg to Johannisburg calling at Johannisburg

Started by ampersand, May 19, 2017, 04:08:04 PM

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Among many curiosities some of them appear more often, some less often, but the Johannisburg is the largest and the most frequent of them all. I can understand that after some time there is a park in every developing town, even a zoo in every town. But in my games after a couple years every town has their own Johannisburg. Then, after some years game creates another Johannisburg in a town that already has one.
Does it depend on any parameters in settings, climate zone or whatever? There are so may curiosities created that appear so rarely. Do you also receive so many Johannisburgs, or just me?


The city curiosities could have two parameters:

build_time= city must have min. x citizen to build this curiosity
chance= if build time reached...

We can reduce the chance-parameter and increase it for an other building.


Among my few games I have never seen this happen to Neuschwannstein, so there must be a significant difference in the parameters you mentioned above between Johannisburg and Neuschwannstein.
From a player's point of view on the curiosities now present in the packset, some of them seem unique like the two mentioned above or Skijumping hill, while others very common like a zoo or a monument. However I don't know the game engine, but does it allow to define some curiosities appear only once in the map ( or once on a very large area like ex. 2048x2048) so as they don't appear in bundles like currently.


Yes, that would be preferable, but I only know the two parameters to control the frequency. And some curiosities appear very rarely. For example "Kurhaus Binz" I´ve never seen in my last games.