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SORTED has of the 31/05/2017
« on: May 30, 2017, 02:11:03 PM »
Hello expert's of the forum, this is fam621, asking anyone who knows best about posting pictures. If your picture is more than 64KB or 512KB, how can you upload it that people can see it? Like how Carl (the creator of the GB map) does it without using the forum to upload pictures.
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You can choose every hoster, you want. But it should store .jpg and .png at least. I use myself for example

Upload the image. You will get a direct link to your image after uploading.

Use the img-tags in your posting:

Code: [Select]
[img]link to your image[/img]

But remember that some users use slow internet connection or the mobile traffic is more expansive - > better no postings with giant images.

If the images are very large, better link them with url-tags:

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[url]link to your image[/url]

Other users can see the image then only, if they click on the link.

If enabled javacsript in your browser, you can use for both the icons "insert image" and "insert hyperlink".

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What I mean is to make them be viewable without needing to go on a site to view the image. But thank you anyway.
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That is exactly what he described. Try and you will see! :)

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The problem is the image host. The link leads to a php file and not directly to the image file.

For img-tag it is necessary to link directly to the image file.

Code: [Select]

your link
Code: [Select]

directly link ( right click to image and copy image link )
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click bottom Embed-Codes

and than copy the BBCode to the forum post

example for thumb
Code: [Select]

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One could also use a third party cloud storage service such as DropBox to host the images. Such images should be marked as temporary though as you might want/have to delete them when you run out of storage space.

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I know what to do now and thank you for all the help guys.