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Incomplete chain

Started by ampersand, July 14, 2017, 05:33:32 PM

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The pak128.german started in 2000 with:
Coal mine - Scrapyard - Iron mine - Steelmill - Car factory
Car dealer

Which one is missing? No Oilfield for the refinery to use the chain. I hoped that this chain will get complete in the nearest time of industry extension or creation. It happened after 12 years, but no Oilfield appeared. I saved and reloaded but observed that the game created many kinds of new chains (sometimes with a lot of factories), but even when it created a single Gasstation, it was connected with a refinery that still had no supplier.
Any chance for this Oilfield or not at all?


Seems me like a bug. My refineries every times get their suppliers. Or it´s not enough space in the target temperate zone/ temperate zone does not exist in your game.

Solution: Place the oilfield or -rig and connect it with the refinery with the editor.


You are right, and I also think it is the result of blind following players choices:
Map number 8655 (all zones present)
Map size 128x128
Number of factories: 7
And the automotive chain needs at least 8 factories.

If it is the bug - then only because no oil supplier appears when new chain is created. Lack of oilfield in the beginning was a result of chosen limits.