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How are non-waterway tiles calculated for "MUST USE: Waterway"?

Started by A.Badger, July 16, 2017, 04:16:51 PM

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I was building out a canal network in a recent game and discovered that canal boats (boat horse + barge) can travel on "inland lakes" despite having the "MUST USE: Waterways" constraint.  Is this intended?  It looks a little funny to have the horse swimming in the middle of a huge lake but I suppose it makes some sense... canal boats probably could travel along the shoreline of a lake on a calm day even if they couldn't travel through the center of the lake as depicted.  powered boats and barges could traverse the center of the lakes as depicted and share the same "MUST USE: Waterways"

So, assuming that this is intended behaviour, how are inland lakes separated from ocean?   Is it ocean tile + above sea level?


I have not looked at this code for some time, so I may be mistaken, but, if I recall correctly, an inland lake that is not at sea level is treated differently in the game than the sea. The sea is regarded as not having a "ground" at all, whereas a lake is a type of ground. I think that the constraints were set for lakes so as to be maximally permissive (as most constraints on waterways relate to the size of the waterway).

If you were referring to an inland lake that is at sea level, however, waterway restricted vehicles should not be able to pass upon it, and, if they can, this is a bug.
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Cool.  Currently I've only tried sending waterway restricted boats across lakes that are higher than sea level.  So all seems to be working as expected.