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PAK128.german, v 0.10.2

Started by michelstadt, July 29, 2017, 12:28:21 PM

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Team PAK128.german released version 0.10.2 which can be downloaded from sourceforge. Among the new objects players can find 25 vehicles for tracks, seven ships, six factories, two tourist attractions and some more.

The sceneries in the screenshots refer to 1920 and today.


Nice to see new cars and buildings. I am not sure if this has appeared from the latest version, but noticed one lorry in two versions:
- MB_ActrosMP3_Holztransporter
- MercedesBenz_Actros_MP3_Holztransport
On the other hand I am still looking forward to new rolling stock from the period 1874-1902, where there is little rolling stock, especially for cereals and piece goods.


In the next Version comes some new Fabs and Vehicles for >= 1850