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Simutrans 101.0 (r2207)

Started by IgorEliezer, January 11, 2009, 11:44:54 PM

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Simutrans 101.0 (r2207)

Due to our nightly system, releases are now sparse. This is the last relase before incorporation of nework gaming support and comes with many new features and error corrections. Especially users of the 100-0 release should update.


Installing and starting Simutrans up

1. You have to download at least two files: 1) A executable compatible to your operating system; 2) a graphic package at your choice.

2. Unzip both files you have downloaded.

3. The content of both files you unzipped must be stored in one folder.

:idea: A sample of how all files must be stored in: Simutrans folder.

4. Start Simutrans up by double-clicking on executable, and have fun!

Download a binary compatible to your operating system.

:arrow: Windows native (new) (needs unicows.dll on Win9x)
:arrow: Windows with SDL (new)
:arrow: Linux (new) (requires additional libraries: SDL and SDL_mixer) (if lagging, start with "simutrans -nomidi")
:arrow: BeOS with Allegro (new)
:redx: PowerMac with SDL (NOT COMPILED YET) (needs SDL framework)

Graphic packages
Choose a graphic package of scenery you want to play. Do you want to know our available sceneries first?

pak64 basis
:arrow: pak64 Basis (new)

:arrow: pak64.german [zip] (new)
:arrow: pak64.german [ace] (new)

:arrow: pak64.Hajo (new)
:arrow: pak64.Hajo 24x24 (new)

:arrow: pak64.japan (v99.17.1)

:arrow: pak96.comic (new)

:arrow: pak128 1.4.4 (new) (details)

:arrow: Japanese Landscape pak128 (v100.0)

A tool to create add-ons for Simutrans. You don't need it to play Simutrans.

makeobj 49
:arrow: Windows
:arrow: Linux
:arrow: BeOS

Release note
Release of 101.0 (r2207)

   FIX: weg search stooped to early => not properly upgrading city road types in pak128 (z9999)
   FIX: crash of passenger AI before busses were available
   FIX: stop moving tool also deals with empty lines now
   FIX: retire dates again ignored during map creation
   FIX: no crashing when loading unavailable buildings
   FIX: crashes with movingobjects during creation
   FIX: planes were not always correctly decending
   FIX: harbour tile layout==16 tile were not calaculated simular to stations
   CHANGE: -fullscreen command flag will try to detect current resolution => no need to specify size
   FIX: scrollbar text after resize now updated properly
   FIX: remember last selected tool
   FIX: preserve tick count after loading saved game => wait per month should be fine now
   FIX: allow harbours also on trees ...
   FIX: start on signal tile resp. drive thorugh closed signals when open/close schedule dialoge
   ADD: multithread support for screen copy (max. 10% faster) for GDI
   FIX: new timing for idle and frame => fast forward speed more closely met, less CPU needed, smoother transitions
   FIX: too sensitve mouse repaired (moving during clicking)
   FIX: no crashes on pwoer bridges at vertical slopes
   CHANGE: much faster town renovation/town growth => faster city generation
   FIX: only tools applyable in the current situation are visible
   CHANGE: savegame path instead .simutrans now ~/simutrans on Linux/BeOS, and ~/Documents/simutrans on MacOS
   FIX: fields next to a new station leads to crashes during name determination
   FIX: correct color for stops over townhalls for labels
   FIX: long block signals searched always on first leg too much and stucke trains which stop directly after them
   FIX: wayremover removed (partly) bridges even without permission
   FIX: bridges during removal removed too much maintenance
   ADD: make tooltips configurable (show_tooltips, tooltip_background_color, tooltip_text_color) in
   ADD: (leopard) Native sound/midi support for MAC
   FIX: rotate also coordinates of messages
   ADD: target destinations in halt details now clickable
   FIX: raise and lower now also ok new border, better error messages
   FIX: (z9999) maglev and narrowgauge for everything, addional line symbols (MaglevStop, NarrowgaugeStop, ... ) for linemanager optional
   CHANGE: speed on diagonals only 20% faster => less gain, more realistic vehicle length
   FIX: no crossings on underground station tiles
   FIX: wayobj ignored replacement by for catenaries
   CHANGE: now 16 syllables for town names %/&(0...9A...F)_CITY_SYLL
   CHANGE: maps got an own subdirectory, and format RLE compressed (usually less than 10% of ppm)/uncompressed 8-Bit and 24-Bit BMP allowed too
   FIX: trams were not using the max speed according to the trams speed table
   ADD: (z9999) daylight level now adjustable
   ADD: (isidoro/prissi) overtaking for road vehicles/citycars
   ADD: (z9999) right mouse button to minimize windows to title bar and restore
   CHANGE: payment is now only for the decrease in distance to the next transfer stop
   ADD: instead a numger also a name of a  menu object (with image zero) can be given for an icon in
   ADD: (Gerd Wachsmuth) map enlargement during the game
   ADD: (VS) electric EMU/trolley bus tab added to depot
   CHANGE: AI now seperate files, which would allow for a greater varienty of AIs
   ADD: (Dwachs) depots remember last line
   FIX: construction of four layout stations and rotation of four layout buildings were completely broken
   FIX: graphic error with slopes next to bridges and tunnels
   ADD: new tool to make a stop a public one (to make public stops on map without player change)
   FIX: disabling sound and midi will be now saved and will disable them completely to avoid the SDL_mixer troubles
   FIX: x instead y offset written by makeobj
   ADD: (Dwachs) new object gui_numberinput_t for more convinient entering of numbers
   ADD: (gerw) sizeable loadsave frame
   CHANGE: savegame bump, no AI save state correctly, same for map extension, no koord saved anymore (up to 60% smaller savegames)
   CHANGE: settings are now saved for game relevant/user relevant to prepare for multiplayer (and do proper versioning)
   CHANGE: sea level now in single steps (before only double steps, but single steps in display)
   FIX: handling of wrongly defined fonts and unicode characters now correct again
   FIX: bridges could connect to "harbour" tunnels
   CHANGE: maximu map size now 16 mio tiles
   FIX: overcrowded station messages again