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Ways with changed waytypes compatible to older version?

Started by Leartin, August 02, 2017, 08:21:22 AM

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I think this is the best place to put this, feel free to move if there is a better place.

If you change the waytype of a way and load an old save, nothing bad seems to happen, except that vehicles on it are stuck. If the waytype of the vehicle is changed as well, they continue moving.
I only tested a bit on a small map with a tiny amount of objects, but would you say that's generally something you could do without harm to the savefile, such that all arising troubles due to addons which don't change the waytype can be solved within the game by deleting or changing them?

The background is as such: Pak192.Comic has normal gauge and narrow gauge. As in most paks, normal gauge is the waytype that's used the most, with the most vehicles. It additionally has trams, since those are (currently) hardcoded to normal gauge. Trams would fit better with narrow gauge though, since they are low speed, often do have a narrower gauge, and need to follow streets (which means they should have steep slopes, while our normal gauge won't have that)
Since it's unlikely someone programs narrow gauge trams any time soon, we would switch all normal gauge material with all narrow gauge material, except for trams and tramways (which would change graphically to fit a narrow gauge). Obviously, if trams are running on normal tracks or trains on tram tracks, they would get stuck, but that would hopefully be little enough for users to adapt their maps - if there are no other, deeper problems.


I am not sure narrowgauge tram tracks can be built on road, because the tram track type is more of a hack. But otherwise, as long as you switch tracks (and signals/sing) and vehicles all properly between other track types, it should work.


Quote from: prissi on August 06, 2017, 02:06:26 PMI am not sure narrowgauge tram tracks can be built on road, because the tram track type is more of a hack.
Yes, that's why we would not switch the tram tracks, but everything else around them.