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Installer can't find pak64german

Started by Leartin, August 04, 2017, 10:41:19 AM

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I'd post as a bug report but I'm not sure if the installer is part of Simutrans and who maintains it.

Earlier today I tried to install Simutrans using the installer with all paksets. It told me it could not find pak64german, and stopped completely.

1.) Please check if that was a random hiccup or if the file is actually missing (I tried again without that pak and it worked)

2.) Could the installer NOT completely abort if a pakset is not found? After all, the game would still work without, and I'm pretty sure most players would check everything just for the heck of it, not because they actually plan on using everything. So not having one of the paksets would probably be better than not having the game, especially if you can't get to that pakset at that point in time (if it's not just a random hiccup)


I made it and unfortunately the installer (or rather NSIS) does not leave much option if a packet fails which a lot of tricks.

The installer indeed needs updates, as there are new releases of pak128.german too. Frank sent me a message, but I was mostly offline and on conference the last two weeks.