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Author Topic: The story of Harlingcheshir Transport Services, Simutrans Extended 1750-onwards.  (Read 2727 times)

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As promised in the Simutrans Extended Board, an AAR to show some pre-rail gameplay. There will also be some roleplaying elements in the game.

Note: The first AAR had some issues with crossconnect, leaving lots of production unused and the network challenge a bit low as a result. This is the second one, overwriting the first.

Harlingcheshire in the 1750s was a poor backwater region of the United Kingdom. The 4608 inhabitants were scattered among 42 hamlets and villages, while the market at Harlingchester with its supporting food production provided the only commerce in the region.

In this area, The small company of Harlingcheshire Transport Services (HTS) was founded. The budget was low to say the least: 3000, enough for a coaching stable and some road vehicles to start with, but not much else.

The map of the region. At the bottom the starting budget is shown.

The Town List

The Industry List
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