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Wht pay to play simutrans???

Started by ROCAMBOLER529, December 14, 2017, 08:50:37 PM

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Hi community...

I was exploring the simutrans web site ( to download the Simutrans Extended and i saw something unusual. I dont know why the new players that they recently meet simutrans and they want to download it, they must pay $1... Srry for the poor evidence because i dont know how to upload a screemshot. Anyways, why they need to pay $1 to play a game that it was free for a very long time ago.

Another thing, where can i download simutrans extended??
The Argentian (Argentina Empire)


Have you actually tried to download it?  It's most probably a programming error, being $1 the first parameter of a shell script, I guess.


In a lot of languages $1 (or $variable) means something is supposed to be inserted at that location. My guess something is broken at the backend.
After all ... clicking on that button still brings me to a download page that doesn't require me to provide payment details.  ;)


There is a nightly page where you can download the most recent Extended along with paksets here:


Thx guys for your help. I tried to download it and, the buttom only is broken. And thx for the info of how to download simutrans extended.

The Argentian (Argentina Empire)
The Argentian (Argentina Empire)