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Warning to overflow of convoi IDs

Started by yoshi, March 22, 2009, 11:22:39 AM

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I realised that there is no warning to the overflow of convoi IDs. When I tried to buy 8193rd convoi (under the default setting i.e. convoys = 8192), Simutrans just shut down. It would be good if there is a warning message, if you tried to buy 8193rd convoi...


Isaac Eiland-Hall

A map with 8192 convoys...... holy. cow. :D

EDIT: WAit.. wait... wait... A map with 8192 convoys - AND YOU STILL NEED MORE. Good grief! (I'm just amazed... hehehehe)


well, mazbe the default should be 32760 anyway ...

But a warning is possible. Same would go for just denz buzing a new one.


What about this one with the following sentence.... ::)

Leave the convoys alone, now!!!

Edit: sentence modified.

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Vilvoh, just so that you know: that could be easily interpreted as insulting (at least I can imagine that instantly).

How much memory does that value eat anyway? 8B per item when aligned?

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Quote from: VS on March 23, 2009, 03:20:37 PM
How much memory does that value eat anyway? 8B per item when aligned?

4, i think. It's just a table of pointers, which is used to implement the "tombstone" pattern to have checkable pointers (checkable if the object in question still exists).


If someone ever wondered what "quickstones" are, that's been a modification of this pattern, which is supposed to be faster. No idea if this is still in the current Simutrans code, but it was when I left it.


Quickstones are indeed used heavily in the current Simutrans code.
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THe new code will extend to 65530 and give a warning (and no new convoi) when handles are exceeded. Meaning the values will be gone from configuration files soon.


Oh, thank you very much for your prompt work!