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[Bug] Cann't build latest commit.

Started by O01eg, October 11, 2017, 08:24:17 PM

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When I try to build latest commit I get errors:

Makeobj version 60.0 for simutrans 120.2.1 Extended Nightly development build 12.3 and higher
ERROR: image_writer_t:  cannot open Way/WayObjects/Rail Signals/images/signs.png

Commit: 0b675796f54c2ddc54e9122d5c525a7777222617
Branch: half-height


Check if the file in question does not exist with some upper case letters, and rename it.


Thanks I saw you made some fixes!
I don't know how that works, I guess I have to merge them somehow?

Also, I have merged the half-height branch into the master one, so that is now the relevant one to be used!
I am away for some time now, so I can't really check up on anything or do any modifications.


So,  I think it managed to merge well! God to have learnt that! :)
And thanks again for the fix, does it compile now?

I will have to stress that it is the master branch which is to be used now, not the half height branch.


Is master branch for Simutrans Extended?


The entire pakset is only compatible with extended!