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passenger-and-mail-classes pak128.britain makeobject script error

Started by nuhgl, October 21, 2017, 10:21:04 AM

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Hello there!

I have compiled Makeobj-Extended.exe from latest passenger-and-mail-classes branch of simutrans-ex using VS2015.
Then followed instruction on Spenk009s instruction for using MO script for latest passenger-and-mail-classes branch of pak128.britain.

Then script runs for very short couple of second then exit itself....
What is problem?

(I have no knowledge of programming...)


Did you also compile the makeobj from the passenger-and-mail-classes branch?


Oh, stupid me, only now I see that you wrote that you compiled the makeobj in your op! Sorry..
I don't know what is wrong then.


You need to change the directories in parameter.mos. By default it contains the paths for building the nightlies.


How do I do that?  :o

I attached .mos file.


Right-click it and open it with Notepad or WordPad, then replace the URL (github or bridgewater-brunel, I don't remember) with the path on your computer where you want to build the pak.


Sorry Rollmaterial,

What do I need to replace? And with which URL? I am confused.
Could you explain if bit more easier please?


In the top line in your explorer window when you have a opened a folder on your computer you have the line which says something like C:\my documents ...... etc or something similar which is the filepath to the current folder you currently have open.
In the file parameter.mos, you need the file-path to where the makeobj is located.
So, open the folder with the makeobj, copy the file-path, and paste it into the correct location in the parameter.mos (I don't remember what it is called).  I think you need the name of the makeobj as well, but compare with what is currently in the parameter.mos. 



I figured, that I was confused between parameter.mos and makeALL.mos.
Now I have found parameter.mos and will have a look at that file.  ;)


Changes I made,
I copied and paste Makeobj-Extended.exe I compiled in this pak folder, and

for makeALL.mos,
I have changed


for parameter.mos,


It now recognise makeobj-extended.exe and I think executes correct, but ran into another error.

I noticed in makeALL.mos file all defined directories are with / forward slash, but on my windows explorer directory is expressed with backslash \.
Which it worked by modifying directories on parameter.mos file.

Should I change all forward slash to backslash on makeALL.mos file?
Or that might be not a problem, or if it seems is there easy way to change all slashes?

Or is it something to do with libpng?


I dont think you should touch the makeALL.mos at all, only the parameter.mos. Try get some clean .mos-files and modify only the file path.

My parameter.mos looks like this:


# Einstellungsdateifuer die PAK-Erstellung per MOScript
# Bitte anpassen und als parameter.mos umaendern

#der Ort wo sich makeobj befindet absolut
#Absolute filepath to where makeobj is located

#der Ort wo die Dateien hinkopiert werden sollen absolut MIT / am Ende
#You need to specify the location of the folder you want to build the pak in here

I think that with this setup it will only look in *this* folder for the makeobj, and it will create the pakset in *this folder*/Pak128.Britain-Ex/, so it should be failproof as long as the makeobj is located in the same folder as the .mos-files.

However, I think I recognize that error, and that it indeed is because of the lib-somethings. I remember there being some threads about it a while ago.


It seems as it is libpng version somthing....
Do you have working Makeobj-Extended from latest passenger-and-mail-classes branch to compile latest pak for it?

Do you mind to share here or somehow please?
I tried to compile libpng myself... but lack of VS2015 knowledge I am getting nowhere..  :o


Now I help of Ves I got to stage that it is writing PAKs but simutrans executable doesnt recognise wrote pak...

There is some issue with writing Building ground.Outside.pak  :-[


As a workaround, you can use the ground.Outside.pak from the downloaded compiled build, as this will not have changed significantly with the passenger-and-mail-classes branch.
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