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pak128 2.7
« on: October 28, 2017, 01:00:21 PM »
This release packs a bunch of various fixes I did on some occasions since last release. The only important gameplay additions so far are the ability to make multiple units with your favorite trams and monorail vehicles and the addition of missing signal types for monorails.

pak128 2.7 (97 MB) for Simutrans 120.2.2 and higher

SHORT TUTORIAL for building bridges and tunnels with half heights. Advised for players upgrading from a pak128 version prior to 2.5.0.

Reminder: Pak128 before 2.5.0 and pak128 from 2.5.0 (including this one) are likely to be NOT compatible regarding half heights change.

IMPORTANT NOTE regarding length changes on some trams and monorails: when loading a savegame which contains convoys of these vehicles with the new pak128, you may get a bug where these convoys remain stuck in place for no reason. For each of these convoys, click on the convoy to have its information window pop up, then click on "schedule" and close the schedule window. Thus, the convoys recomputes its schedule and it should fix the problem.
This is due to the change in length of the convoy since the last time the savegame was saved.

_ Made some trams (EM400, T101, T102, T103, T104, T105, Mhz T-113, T107, T108, T109, T110) capable of coupling in multiple units. Had to remove the third section of T110 for the whole unit to fit in one tile.
_ Made some monorail vehicles (GTW69, TGW85, TC-7, TC-44, TC-119, TC-1, TC-5p, TC-112) capable of coupling in multiple units. Adapted length and graphics when necessary.
_ Removed max heights of bridges (annoying and confusing).
_ Increased road max speed of level crossings.
_ Reduced power tunnel's maintenance cost to the same as power bridge.
_ Added missing types of signals to monorails (end of choose, one way, long block), reworked presignal and choose signal to match track's signals'style.
_ Removed fake signals from track-river crossings as they might be confusing.
_ Small car dealers now demands three times less cars than big ones on average.
_ Fixed glitches with river-track/road crossings due to river graphics going out of their tile's area and being compiled as pak160.
_ Fixed northern and western end of 120b elevated tracks'diagonal views missing an upper beam.
_ Fixed SE diagonal view of the grass covered 90 kmph tram track not being covered with grass.
_ Fixed southern and eastern end of metal bridges glitch in some cases.
_ Fixed some road semis misaligned on SE view (mja-man19332, mja-volvof88, mja-zil130, pmnv-pb1970, pmnv_50_mack, pmnv_mhz_truck_0).
_ Fixed length of NW and SE views of some road bulk trailers (mja-bulk_trailer_l, mja-bulk_trailer_m, ts_mack_bulk_trailer_0).
_ Fixed length of diagonal views of Tatra T3 (tram) (only partly fixed, could not shorten more without messing up the graphics)
_ Fixed length of diagonal views of Mhz T-113 (tram)
_ Fixed length of diagonal views of Mhz T-235 (tram)
_ Fixed length of vertical diagonal views of EM400 (tram)
_ Fixed monorail ways icons with wrong speed limit.
_ Fixed inconsistent player color on some icons (map, monorail toolbar, list of markers).
_ Fixed glitch on COM_01_17 (car park building).
_ Fixed glitch on COM_07_02 (advertising sign).
_ Fixed night color glitch on townhalls.
_ Removed the stairs under monorail station, caused glitch when building on non elevated monorail.
_ Fixed inconsistent icon and cursor of 120(b) kmph elevated track.
_ Fixed RU citylist's cities'names not displaying correctly.
_ Changed introduction year of rising bollards so they are always available (not very realistic in early era but a private road sign was necessary).
_ Fixed monorail bridge not able to start with steep ramp.
_ Added smoke to boats.
_ Fixed grid not visible on double slopes (thanks to Vladki).
_ Fixed airport one way signs looking bad on curves.
_ Fixed 280, 320 and 400 kmph tracks curve (not diagonal) views having unnecessary ground preparation that look bad in some cases.
_ Fixed ABB Eurotram T211 inconsistent diagonal views.
_ Fixed grey lone pixels on "vertical" diagonal views of many monorail vehicles.
_ Fixed lone pixels under "horizontal" diagonal views of elevated monorail way.

Please report ANY bugs or suggestions, even if an object is just ugly to you

A word about recent lack of activity on pak128

As many of you noticed, more than a year has passed since the last release. Pak128 is NOT dead yet and I won't leave it allone. As I already explained, I'm the only maintainer of this pak for more than a couple years now and had, for personnal reasons, not much time and motivation lately. Maybe this is going to improve, maybe not, I don't know. I'm still here if you need help or have a suggestion for this pak.

I still have plans for pak128 and will work on it when I have free time and motivation, along with other personnal projects.
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Re: pak128 2.7
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2017, 10:19:23 AM »
Thank you for the work you do. absolutely appreciated!

_ Fixed airport one way signs looking bad on curves.

This one is still not showing right. When there is a turn, they show in the middle of the runway:(

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Re: pak128 2.7
« Reply #2 on: November 02, 2017, 05:33:02 PM »
Could you post a screenshot of this ?