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I've made some kind of official unofficial Discord server for Simutrans.

Started by 0cra_tr0per, November 06, 2017, 10:05:03 PM

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The server link is here.

Just decided to make one just because all the cool games need discord servers.

Granted, the first person to talk has already left.


Isaac Eiland-Hall

I didn't speak up before now just because I didn't want to discourage the effort, but:

1. We've had a Simutrans chat before. More than once. It was never very popular.
2. We're a very very small community. The forum isn't busy, even, and it's the busiest place. :)

So don't be discouraged, but the community is small; it's just the nature of the game. :)


Actually, Isaac, it was just a shift in 'ownership', as 0cra_tr0per didn't quite like to continue. (What can you expect from a teletubby? with a shotgun, no less...)

Those who used that channel just moved to the new one - by userfriendly.


Thanks Leartin.

Isaac, I know that and it's fine, since I don't have to moderate a large group.
Just be good to each other.