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Day and Night in Pak128

Started by Eusebio Ptolomeu, November 07, 2017, 10:41:38 PM

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Eusebio Ptolomeu

  In pak128, the transition between night and day is pretty straightforward, it seems that only the brightness of the color is reduced. Is there a way to tweak this, to make it more life-like, like an orange sunset/sunrise?


It's not specific to pak128, this is a code-related issue. No way I can change this a pakset maintainer, you should make an extension request about it.


In principle yes. In practice you will run quickly in ugly color, sicne you only have 5 bits to work with. But it is very easi\y, you find the routined in I have no compiler right now, but the routines are quite in the first quarter of the file. Look for "nightshift".