Author Topic: Graphic Glitch on map with 400+ convois Simutrans Nightly: r8301(OTR-patch)  (Read 398 times)

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I really like big maps but almost always when I have a lot of convois running on the map the graphics of the vehicles and roads/rails glitch. (As seen in the attachment)
I don't know what is causing this but I really hate it... Sometimes it clears when going between pause and play a lot of times after each other or when you do the same with fastforward and normal mode. I really hope this can be solve... m(_ _)m


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This is caused by a wrong alignment of vehicles, and is usually stronger in fast forward or when the program is struggling to keep the refresh rate high enough (because it then switches to a faster but less accurate redraw system). It should also go away when you yoom in, because then less tiles need to be drawn, and the program can use the more sophisticated algorithm.

You can also low the framerate (via commandline "-fps"), which will again use the more sophisticated redraw algothrithms with non vertical clipping edges.

With better aligned vehciles this errors should be less obvious though, but htis is nothing a player can change.

Offline danivenk

thank you for your Answer.