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Simutrans history vs world history

Started by ROCAMBOLER529, November 12, 2017, 03:52:08 PM

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Try to start a new world in the year 1400 (on pak64), with Temperate climate, and playing with the World Map (find the specific world in the link The challenge end when the player reach the year 2100 so you must pass 700 Simutrans years to complete the challenge. The specific description of the map will be below:
- Download the map "World 640x640" in the page. Open the winRAR archive and move the downloaded world called WholeWorld into the "maps" folder ubicated in the Simutrans folder.
- Create a new world and load the world into the Heist map.
- Change the year to 1400 with timeline activated
- Median Citizens per City 1600.
- Intercity Road to 200.
- No of citys 40.
- No of factories 40.
- No of Attracions 40.
- Temperate full.
- The rest of the change are on your responsabilites.

The Argentian (Argentina Empire)
The Argentian (Argentina Empire)


You forgot:

- wait ~500 years until the game becomes interesting

Sooo... your challange ist to change bits_per_month to the lowest value and let the game run over night?


this is exeptional... you can change it if you want but the real challenge have 700 years no less. The idea is beeing playing all the Simutrans timeline but if you want to play complete timeline you need to start from 1400 to 2999 (thats a lot of time). Soo... to do it more interesting the Challenge end in 2100.

The Argentian (Argentina Empire)
The Argentian (Argentina Empire)