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New event trigger

Started by colonyan, March 26, 2009, 10:25:08 PM

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Special city building such as churches and tennis courts are built when city meets predetermined population plus
the probability on which it could appear.

Since we now have total map statistics and graphs, how about if we made the total map population count
a trigger of the construction of  big special structure?

For example, if map exceed population of 50,000 after 1945, there is 90% chance that a modern olympic
stadium complex could appear.

Super structure could be just a very large monumental (eiffel tower, statute of liberty etc or only ST original).
They could be placed in one of the biggest cities.

The point is that they should be very influential and few or only one in whole map.
(little like statute monuments but much more tourist attracting)

Alex. Brose

Nice idea.
But i'm sure many people will say "Simutrans is a transportation simulation. You can play SimCity, if you want!".  ;D

Personally, I believe i can live without a new event trigger.
But (but, but, but... i know  ::)) i wouldn't say no to it. I more profoundly wish 2x2 city buildings.

Isaac Eiland-Hall


@Alex & Isaac, Thanks for reading ;)

This new trigger shouldn't limited to the appearance of special building but new industry chain.
There could be some population specific industry chain such as generalized food.\
Like each 100,000 gives one generalized food chain. (to somehow simulate food transportation proportional to population count)


Well, but that means that people on smaller maps will probably never see those, while on larger maps with 200 and more towns small villages would get such an attraction. LInking those to town growth is more reasonable imho without forcing people to use large maps.


your right. I didn't thought about that. It should require some extra conditions to big attraction or
big food industries to appear... Small town could be thought that they are auto sufficient in food.